My name is Tony Davis and I am an artist and a craftsman.  I take great pride in my work and enjoy making cool stuff.  I've been making custom designs and products for over 20 years.  I've been designing and developing for 3D printing for over 10 years.

My primary goal is to always over-deliver on what you expect and under-sell you on price.

Commando Designs:

  • Is a home based business.
  • Run by me (Tony D.). I am the CEO, Founder, Chief Engineer, Customer Service Rep, and Quality Control Technician (I think you get the idea, cut me some slack it's just me.)
  • Can make all sorts of cool stuff.  I specialize in Custom Painting, Airbrushing, 3D Modeling & Design, 3D Printing, and Custom Fabrication of Small Cool Projects.
  • Is a part time job for me. I have a full time real job. I travel a lot for my real job so there is sometimes some lag time for orders and communication but I will get in touch when you need me. 
  • I pride myself in being trustworthy and making really high quality stuff. If you ever have any issues feel free to contact me and I'll make it right -- guaranteed.

Thanks for your support,

Tony D.