• Image of Recon Wallet - Gunmetal - BareBones
  • Image of Recon Wallet - Gunmetal - BareBones

The RECON BareBones wallet is a compact hard case credit and ID card holder. No 550 Included. This kit is ready for your 550 cord and imagination.

- This kit will work with any 550 ParaCord (you need about 2 1/2 feet)

- Kit includes 2 small stoppers

- Hard Case - 3D Printed using high impact plastic

- Holds 4 credit cards and 1 ID card

- Cards are held snug by the flexing plastic design

- Cards are secure and will not fall out

- Proprietary design is only possible using 3D Printing Techniques

100% Guaranteed for Quality

Things you need to know:
- 3D Printed Designs are not completely smooth. This item will have small defects in appearance but this will not effect it's functionality.
- The slots are designed to stack cards from the inside of the design towards the outside. Insert cards towards the center of the wallet.